• Black Jack - LSC

    Black Jack - an almost black large semi cactus growing to 2 metres on dark foliage.  A big dahlia in every sense!

  • Cafe au Lait

    Cafe au Lait - Giant Decorative and the wedding dahlia!

    Sought by brides wherever dahlias grow for pastel palette weddings.

  • Perle von Potzleinsdorf

    Perle von Potzleinsdorf - Medium cactus, pink with strong stems growing to 2 metres.

  • Taratahi Ruby

    Taratahi Ruby - Small decorative waterlily.  A brilliant scarlet with a soft golden glow from the centre. 

  • Withypitts Dahlias
    Premium Products
    Following 4 full seasons of marketing our cut flowers at New Covent Garden Flower Market we have gained a reputation for growing top quality, exhibition standard premium blooms that are highly sought after. They are used by the top UK flower designers in their work for corporate clients, big events and in the Historic Royal Palaces. We also send these blooms to florists country wide using a specialist courier.
    We take great care raising our plants using top quality composts. These provide the young dahlias with a well drained compost with the balance of nutrients that young, tender plants require.
    Our 2017 plants will be grown on in 11cm "Fiba" - whalehide - pots in John Innes No2 compost. These pots are biodegradable meaning that they may be planted straight into the ground without any root disturbance. You will probably find them easier to lift and clean as the compost will give some level of padding between the tuber and the soil.
    Rooted Cuttings - we have taken the decision to cease supplying rooted cuttings from 2016. This is because we, as a small grower, find that the logistics make it very difficult for us to supply both rooted cuttings and potted on young plants. Rather than compromise on quality we have decided to only supply potted on plants.
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